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Ben L. Cook

Ben L. Cook has over 30 years' worth of top-level executive experience with expertise in positioning companies for long-term growth. He has deep experience in business strategy, operations, and finance. Throughout his career, Ben has gained expertise in overcoming business challenges, such as transitioning companies from deficits to multi-million dollar profitability. He has shown himself to be a proven manager with a track record of creating sustainable growth and ensuring strong staff development.

In addition to having previously served several companies as CEO, President, CFO, Ben spent nearly 10 years as a practicing CPA.

During each of the past nine years with Ben at the helm, The LASIK Vision Institute experienced double-digit growth, and under a successful de novo program started in 2012, LVI will have expanded from 27 locations to 86 offices in 38 states as of mid 2017 with plans to be at 92 locations by the end of 2017. Ben also oversaw the successful acquisition of TLC Laser Eye Centers in 2014, adding 53 locations in both the US and Canada, focusing on the premium service spectrum of the LASIK industry with their renowned Gold Standard service.

Ben's Specialties include, but are not limited to: strategy, business operations, management, finance, marketing, de novo growth, mergers and acquisitions, corporate development, and accounting. 

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